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Learn about other art related projects Leone did such as poetry and projects she did for organizations.


Last night the King strode past my window. His ermine robe off-cast caresses the once stark trees and the brittle grass which autumn had orphaned of verdure. The nearer landscape folds against the distance mantling bramble, hedge, and stone. The rough granite edges of the porch, with finger-like and greedy clutch, snagged a border from the imperial robe and hugs to its harsh self a velvety covering.

Thus again has the touch of a seamless garment wrought a miracle.

Leone Bowers Hamilton



Bee Line Chapter NSDAR

Leone designed this plate in 1972 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Bee Line Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She was an active member of the chapter. She based the design on the homes of patriots located in Jefferson County, WV.

Peace on Earth block print_edited.jpg

Christmas Card Block Print


Leone printed several of her own Christmas cards. This one, shown framed, uses the theme Peace On Earth.

Kiwanis Calendar 1979

Leone Hamilton did three ink drawings of historic landmarks in Jefferson County, WV for this calendar featuring local artists. The Jefferson County Museum has the calendar in their collection.

KiwanisCalendar1981 - Pen Ink of Beverly

Kiwanis Calendar 1981

Leone Hamilton did this pen and ink drawing which appeared in the 1981 Kiwanis calendar for February 1981. It is of the Beverly home in Jefferson County, WV.  An original stone house was built in the 1750's by Richard Stephenson. The present brick home was built in the 1790's by Beverly Whiting.

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